We are a multi-national, English Institute owned and operated by Americans, dedicated to teaching the English Language to Colombian citizens using qualified teachers.

BARTONSHAW ENGLISH INSTITUTE offers a different approach to teaching English. We focus on getting results through personalized support.
We study the profiles of our students and develop the classes toward their needs.

Our students will be able to target the needed areas of the English language, enabling them to focus on what they want and need. We are committed to the learning process and we care about our clients by ensuring the learning process is efficient and friendly.

Because the English language is an essential tool for success, we are confident in our process. We want you to SUCCEED and have fun doing it.

We use the communicative approach through social language, an effective methodology to teaching and improving the English language. We have 20 years of experience in the field of education and we are committed to what we do.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the premise that each student is a unique individual which is why BARTONSHAW ENGLISH INSTITUTE designs special programs based on the initial diagnosis of our customers, which includes their desires, goals, weaknesses and needs.

By choosing BARTONSHAW ENGLISH INSTITUTE you will receive high quality English courses from qualified teachers who have your best interest at hand.



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