Our mission is to offer high quality courses to our clients. In order to accomplish this, we do three very important things:


First, we hire only certified English teachers. Our teachers have the knowledge and experience to teach the English language with passion as well as bring idiomatic expressions and cultural aspects to the classroom.


Second, each student is individually assessed in the areas of reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening. By understanding which area the client needs the most improvement in; we can place them in the correct level to ensure the class suits their every need.

Last, we use the latest teaching programs offered in either North American or Cambridge English. Each of our teachers is experienced in the use of these programs, which assures consistency for our students as well as teachers.

The progress of our client is our primary focus, so we are committed to their learning process. We feel that a properly structured English program with well-trained teachers allows everyone to enjoy the learning process which enables easier and faster learning. We understand that learning the English language is important to you for business as well as in your personal life and we want you to succeed.




It is our vision to be a community leader and teach English to anyone who wants to learn. We will accomplish this through understanding our clients culturally, establishing relationships with the community, and constantly striving for perfection in our commitment to you.



Because language is interaction; an interpersonal activity and has a clear relationship with society, our preferred method of classroom instruction is through “Communicative Approach using social language teaching.’





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